Architecture and Planning

Planning strong points

In our business segment of architecture, structural engineering and facility planning, our team of highly experienced architects, civil engineers and detail designers plan industrial buildings and oversee realization throughout all project phases. Alongside construction of power plants and industrial structures in Germany and internationally, the focus of our efforts is increasingly shifting to renewable energies and rehabilitation of existing production facilities, administration buildings and institutional structures under the aspects of energy efficiency and fire protection.

Planning services

We render all services for architecture, structural engineering and facility planning for buildings as well as industrial and technical structures throughout all services phases, comprising: (i) establishing the project basis, (ii) preliminary design, (iii) final design, (iv) permit application, (v) detail drawings, (vi) preparations for contract award, (vii) assisting in the award process, (viii) construction supervision, and (ix) project oversight and documentation. In doing so, we direct our full attention to our clients' terms of reference and needs and, depending on requirements, we prepare comprehensive or specific:

-          conceptual and feasibility studies; configuration concepts

-          preliminary and layout planning, with cost estimates

-          permit applications under state building regulations and pollution control legislation

-          front end engineering and design (FEED); detail design

-          tendering in the form of schedules of works, terms of reference and supply specifications

Controlling and Timing

When executing construction projects planned by us or others, we can of course undertake more extensive consultancy, coordination and supervisory tasks, both for construction contracts that are broken down into many individual lots and for general contractor agreements, such as:

-          assistance during contract award and settling accounts for construction  services

-          review and approval of production and workshop plans

-          general realization management, site supervision and construction monitoring

-          quality assurance, expediting and budgetary control

-          project oversight, with follow-up of costs and supplementary agreements

Complete and specialist planning services

In addition, as general planners we offer our clients complete planning for bundling and coordinating the services of all specialists and authorized experts that are needed for a construction project. In connection with such general planning, alongside architectural services we undertake structural engineering as well as planning of infrastructure and technical installations, covering HVAC, outdoor facilities, fire protection, building physics, and other specialist areas. As general planner, we can cater for most of these specializations by assigning our own employees and drawing on in-company experience. A further plus point for our clients is our established teams of planners and engineers, so minimizing interfaces.

Thanks to our many years of planning experience, in particular for power plants and industrial structures, we have accumulated a stock of valuable know-how and can work to high standards, which benefits both us and our clients, also for project-related collaboration with other contractors and planners who are specialized in electrical engineering, technical building services and process plant engineering.