About us

FICHTNER Bauconsulting GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of FICHTNER GmbH & Co. KG. With its origins in the civil engineering department for internal services within FICHTNER's Home Office, since its founding in 1999, FICHTNER BAUCONSULTING GmbH has evolved into a high-powered services enterprise in the sector of civil engineering planning and consultancy.

FICHTNER Bauconsulting  stands for

  •  quality

  •   innovative solutions

  •   on-time performance and

  •   proximity to clients 

With its multidisciplinary business activities of architecture in combination with structural engineering plus planning of buildings and facilities, traffic and infrastructure, technical installations and airports, we offer customized solutions matched to our clients’ needs, all from a single source. Playing a central role in each planning phase in our consultancy approach is economic performance, which is considered by undertaking life-cycle studies and preparing cost-benefit analyses as well as through ensuring cost transparency.

Teamwork and communication on a professional level to obtain consensus between all project participants mean that project handling can proceed in parallel within our specialist departments, so attaining appreciable time savings to ensure successful implementation of our clients’ projects on schedule and within budget.